May 28, 2019.

Running makes benefit to health, but in Thailand, it’s the symbol of changing too. “run with family doctor’ project is the one of the beginning of changing sign for promoting to family doctor, and they’ll advocate citizens to exercise and enhancing family participation, so what’s happen to your life?


Virtual run, you can run on anywhere and anytime. You can cumulative running distance polio for 3 months. On 28 may 2019 at Ramagarden hotel, Bangkok, many of the family doctors accompanied to the grand opening of FUNRUN event. They were warming up with aerobic dance and preemptive running on the warming friendly greeting. Some family doctors shared their perception.

Step with my family

In 2019, 20th anniversary of family doctor training in Thailand, as specialty to care the whole of personal life, they need the experience on practice to understanding the relation of health and family. “Run with family doctor” is a part for understanding to comprehensive care.

Dr.Supattra Srivanichakorn, The recently president of General Practitioner/Family Physician Association of Thailand (GPFPAT), she shared the aspect of humanized care, that’s not separated patient into any systematic approaches, but that’s all period of their life caring, empathized and honesty. Some of family doctors may not achieve to all hallmarks, but they can realize beneficial outcome to patient, it is most importance. All family doctors should have intention and objection to coordination care with their patients.

She challenged to all citizens to test their stamina, she said “running is the way to test your stamina and mind, that you can fight lazy, difficulty and trying, then you’ll initiated self-health care. You may see your truly strength inside yourself, it’s numerous but you don’t use it, this event will let you know it.


“You may see your truly strength inside yourself, it’s numerous but you don’t use it” 

First time of Srivanichakorn’s family ran together as same as dr.Sirinapa Siriporn Na Ratchaseema ran with her family too.

Mrs.Monthira Siriporn Na Ratchaseema, mother of dr.Sirinapa, said to secret of her healthy of physical and mental, she has daughter as personal doctor, she can get easy physical and mental consulting. She proud to her daughter work too, “she used to go far distance community. Once she riding local made sidecar for caring to bedridden patient” she said with warming smiling.


“First time we exercise together with family members” 

Step to taste the life 

Dr.Chayanis Ratanakarn, general practitioner form Surin hospital, she carried a wheelchair to participate the event with her friend. She told “after I graduated from medical school for 3 months, I realize my illness, it made me disability. However, I am not giving up, I fight the illness with hopeful to pass through this. I wish it will be an inspiration for any patients”


“Even I am on the wheelchair, I can go to normally work, home visit, and care another one, as same as, other doctor can do” 

Every step on wheelchair, it expresses the way to live.

“Whenever I see patient on a wheelchair like I do, someone didn’t know, they can live like other one who don’t have disability” dr.Chayanis said.

“I want to tell all of them, we can’t stand out of annoying chair on the wheels. But we can live, work like healthy persons” she told.

“I go out to a home of disability patient; I want to show them, we can do it, seeing more than telling. Many of them go out from their safe zone to live like normal; they can drive to selling a thing, make their earning” dr. chayanis add the situation of inspiration to her patient. “You can do, so I can do” she told about patient’s message back to her.

On the long road we are stepping, there are many hidden story off the grids, so we run on the chat together with happiness and suffering.

‘When we open to realize everything around us, we will fulfill ourselves’  

Someone, running is harmony of journey. The activities directly bring us to taste the sensation of world. Dr.Sairat Noknoy, Scientific section, Royal college of family physician of Thailand (RCFPT), she implied family doctor working as painting.

“I used to see the relationship, it needs participation of doctor and patient, as same as, mixing of black and white colors” she said.

“We saw what’s defect on this situation, and we know what’ll be fill for achieving. Family medicine makes holistic-comprehensive of care likely we add the colors of science or social on the painting, mix of its makes the perfect pictures” she explained

The reason to be family doctor, Dr.Sairat gave her aspect. “When I worked on general practitioner unit, I saw something is lost during medical student, and I found when I am in family medicine training. That’s quality of patient care, not only patient gained their needs, but also I learned to health care systems, and  I realized that’s everyone need personal doctor, who can care us to the last hour of living. The doctors can see what we are, and what we do, for our health and family. We don’t intent to solve only medical problem, but we must include solving for all possible patient’s problem, when it affected to patient’s health”

Power of stepping 

Accompanied citizens with family doctor is the importance for empower primary care systems, the foundation will grow up along the time. Dr.Supattra highlights the role of family doctors that “We are the foundation and the bridge, this connects citizens to health care systems, how to make equity of access to medical service, with optimized care”


Family doctors went out to running, it’s our yeaning to message that “we ready to care citizens for the whole of their life”

For cerebrating to world family doctor day, 19 MAY 2019, we will be a part of activities around the world, which’s moving for equity of health care for the whole of our people.


On the way of virtual run, wherever we run, whenever we do, maximum wishing may not be the longest miles, but we hope everyone will gain their learning, happiness, friendships, and family relationships together with family doctors.


GPFPAT reported