“Family doctors must understand their people suffering”

May 14, 2019.

Thai peoples used to see the picture and media about doctor, who is carrying the medical kit walk through the house by themselves or with nurse or some house, there was elderly, who need personal doctor for continuing of care, these is the part of family doctors or family physicians

Recently, some of Thai-peoples experienced family physician’s service, until announcement of “Primary care systems act, 2019, section 258 ch.(5) of Thailand’s polity, this assigned family doctor position into primary care systems, proportional to appropriated responsibility population. Thai-peoples need to understanding role of family doctor for knowing the benefit of new health reforming.

What’s family doctor do?

How is the principle of family doctor special or different from other care?

Question arose during polity declaration

Experiencing role of family doctor brought the way to next generation of family doctors for observation to progression of primary care systems

Asst.Prof. Dr.Apinun Aramrattana, the president of RCFPT said in inservice-residency program’s orientation on 14 MAY 2019, he describe family doctor into 4 roles


First role is understanding of the people’s suffering; family doctors must have communication skills, listenable, and proficiently local languages. They should translate the technical and medical term into normal people’s languages. They can percept patient’s suffering, and bring their patient passes through the complex of problem. They must understand the associated factor of patient’s suffering, such as, social, economy, physical, and psychological factors. They should be easy to access and consulting for family, school and community. This’ll decline social, economy, and public health problems.


Second role is the gatekeeper, when the suffering can’t be solve, family doctors should be decide transferring of patient to appropriated specialty physician. The non-communicable diseases are increasing among Thai, not only diabetes and hypertension, but also elderly and illegal drugs should be understood.

Third role is equity of care, the combination of family physician and specialty care on the practice, making the hope on their desperate life, for example, when the patients diagnosed to be cancer on end-stage, they were desperate to dying at home, they didn’t know for how to make a good dead on their home, the oncologist can’t provide home care. Family doctor is in the position for caring their suffering, provides continuity care at home and their dying care.

Finally role is systematic of care, family doctor faces many patients, and they were struggling in disorganizing of care, made them late consultation, even surgery. Managing skill of family doctor with lead patient into the fast and correct way of care, that’s appropriated to their life. And collaboration to other specialty will set up the plan of care, this’s suitable to unique of patient.

Primary care systems act, this’ll grantee providing of services across Thailand and its good quality. Dr.Sukhum Karnchanapimai, the Permanent Secretary said about recently family physician training, that’s highlight for young doctors, especially, polity supportive training systems and accessibility. As the other specialty, family physician will be specialize to care since born to dying on long journey of patient’s life with comprehensive care.


Dr.Yongyot Thammavudhi explained direction of health systems reform for all Thai, by family doctors is the key to making equity in Thailand health care system.

Executive perspective reflected the core of health care system, there’s family doctor for leading the team, and providing the holistic care. Understanding, listenable to patient’s suffering, this’ll make optimize comprehensive care.

GPFPAT reported