Greeting our new batch of young family physicians with an interesting concept of palliative care from the Islamic perspective. Dr. Amin Sa-idi, MD. introduces an interesting topic.

“Palliative care: making patients happy in their last stages of life in accordance withIslamic principles

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“The article was co-written by Mrs. Hathairat Chonejarern and me, as part of the literature on palliative care from the Hospice and Palliative Care Center.

In this article, I have reviewed the literature on sickness and treatments from the Islamic perspective, palliative care in the context of Thai Muslim, treatments of Muslim patients on the final stages of life with families, and some interesting medical issues relating to palliative care and Muslim patients. 

I hope this article is beneficial for understanding palliative health care in Islam, and I will be providing more interesting topics in the future.

I thank the Hospice and Palliative Center for giving me the permission to publish this article online.

I also thank my family for proofreading this article.




Please also let us know your stories relating to Islamic palliative care.

Kodausayathib KA. Reported

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